Features of a gas stove

One of the important aspects of a gas stove is heat emitted by the burners. Usually, burner heat is calculated in terms of BTU's (British Thermal Units). All the burners of a gas stove don't have equal and maximum heat output. Depending on the number of burners, some of the gas cooktops have one or two burners that have high heat capability which is often around 12,000 BTU. For example, a burner with the heat capability of 12,000 BTU will be hot enough for cooking in a wok. And one of the burners is deliberately kept at low end of heat, which is around 5,000 BTU. This low range is perfect for cooking dishes that don't require high heat.
In the last few years, appliance manufacturers have been making innovative changes to the design and layout of gas stoves. Most of the modern cooktops have come with lattice structure which usually covers the complete range of the top, enabling sliding of cookware from one burner to another without lifting the containers over the gaps of cooktop. Some modern gas stoves also have central fifth burner or an integrated griddle in between the outer burners.
The size of a kitchen gas stove usually ranges from 30 to even 42 (industrial models). Almost all the manufacturers have been developing several range of options in size range. Combination of range and oven are also available which usually come in two styles: slide in and freestanding.
Many stoves have integrated ovens. Modern ovens often include a convection fan inside the oven to provide even air circulation and lets the food cook evenly. Some modern ovens come with temperature sensors which allows close control of baking, automatically shut off after reaching certain temperature, or hold on to particular temperature through the cooking process. Ovens may also have two separate oven bays which allows cooking of two different dishes at the same time.
Many gas stoves come with at least few modern programmable controls to make the handling easier. LCD displays and some other complex cooking routines are some of the standard features present in most of the basic and high-end manufacturing models. Some of the other programmable controls include precise pre-heating, automatic pizza, cook timers and others.
Modern gas stove ranges are safer than older models. Two of the major safety concerns with gas stoves are child-safe controls and accidental ignition. Some gas cooktops have knobs which can be accidentally switched on even with a gentle bump.